CITROCASA was created more than a decade ago to meet the very exacting hygiene and quality standards required in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – countries well-known for their excellent engineering. CITROCASA juicers are designed and engineered by TMP in Linz, Austria, which is located in Upper Austria, the state neighboring Bavaria, Germany. This entire area has a strong engineering and metallurgy background that sets it apart in the market place.

Product Line

The 2-Zone-Technology enables the complete separation of Engine Zone and Food Zone at the machine. We fulfill all health, safety and hygiene regulations in the food and fresh food industries worldwide. All parts that come in contact with the juice, and are therefore the most affected by hygiene regulations, can be cleaned in the dishwasher, ensuring increased hygiene (germ-free), safety, and a huge saving in time.

Innovations like our Cross Holder and Double Cover are exclusive to CITROCASA and cannot be found in any other juicer around the world. These unique features will help save you time during the cleaning process and help to avoid any technical problems due to incorrect assembly. Our machines are designed to ensure that the operation and assembly are as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible.


The slimmest commercial citrus juicer: just over 9 inches wide. The most powerful in its class: 20 fruit per minute. Revolutionary.

  • Revolution

8000 Advance Series

With juice tank for filling convenience and efficiency. The ideal citrus juicer for staff-operated juicing.

  • 8000 XB Advance
  • 8000 SB Advance

Fantastic Advance Series

The ideal citrus juicer for small spaces and on-demand juicing. Great for cafes, bars, breakfast buffets, fitness centers, etc.

  • Fantastic M/SB
  • Fantastic M/AS Advance
  • Fantastic F/SB Advance

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