Industries We Service

1. Supermarket

As consumers’ busy lifestyles leave them with less time and inclination for cooking at home, they search out alternative options for great-tasting, nutritious, fresh-from-the-kitchen meals. That’s why over the past 10 years, there has been a growing trend among supermarket customers toward Home Meal Replacement (HMR). When it comes to HMR, today’s consumers are hungry for more variety, and those supermarkets that offer the most comprehensive menu options will be rewarded for their efforts with a growing revenue base of dedicated, frequent customers.

Savvy deli managers recognize the profit potential this market segment has created, and turn to Henny Penny for comprehensive solutions to help them capitalize on this increasing demand. Whether you’re looking to add a single piece of equipment or develop a fully integrated HMR operation, Henny Penny offers you the highest quality products and market expertise to meet the challenges facing your operation:

  • Food quality and consistency
  • Economic savings
  • Labor efficiencies

2. Restaurants

As one of the fastest growing segments of the foodservice industry, casual dining restaurants have become more popular than ever among consumers for several reasons. First, with the increased growth of two income families, today’s customers often find themselves with more disposable income and less free time, turning to casual dining as a timesaving alternative to cooking at home. Secondly, as baby boomers enjoy their highest income years, they tend to dine out more. Lastly, the gaining popularity of takeout service at full-service restaurants offers another potential revenue stream. When taken together, these market trends show an enormous customer base looking for fresh, flavorful offerings that are both convenient and nutritious. By partnering Kreiser Distributing CO. Inc., you can take advantage of this rising demand and capitalize on an unprecedented opportunity to build your casual dining operation. Our equipment ensures:

  • Consistent food quality
  • Efficient management
  • Lower costs
  • Increased productivity

3. Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are becoming more of a destination for many people looking for more than just fuel for their car. C-stores presently are becoming extremely popular to refuel consumer’s hunger and thirst. In recent years, the opinion of convenience store foods has dramatically improved. For example, freshly prepared foods and a broader variety of hot and cold beverages are available in many stores today. As a result, this emphasis has caused a shift of focus away from traditional gasoline and cigarette sales.

We understand the dynamics that are driving the convenience store industry. Furthermore, with our expertise in convenience store equipment and beverages, we can help convenience store owners succeed.

4. Bars & Taverns

Ask any bar owner what makes a great bar and they’ll tell you – it’s repeat business. We understand your unique high-volume/high-speed competitive environment makes for some of the most demanding operational conditions in any foodservice category. You need equipment that helps you:

  • Ensure food quality
  • Manage time and labor more efficiently
  • Increase profitability
  • Offer extensive menu choices

Because consumers have such a wide variety of choices, you know just how important outstanding food quality is when it comes to differentiating your bar or tavern in the flooded marketplace. Today’s Henny Penny fryers have been proven to turn out delicious and consistent food with no recovery time at all. On top of that, Henny Penny uses 40% less oil while the automatic filtering system actually works to extend the oil’s.

5. Hospitals

As a foodservice director in the Healthcare Industry, you must execute high-volume menus that are part of patient’s total wellness plan. That’s why you need foodservice equipment that will turn out consistent, high-quality food to hundreds of patients, residents and guests. From meal delivery carts to ice machines and specialty equipment, Kreiser’s experience ensures that healthcare operators will have the specialized supplies they need to provide optimum service for their patients and guests. Long-lasting, durable and reliable equipment to serve the unique demands of today’s dynamic healthcare industry. Foodservice operations that are streamlined, efficient and effective,

6. Food Trucks

In an industry that is full of limitless creativity and fierce competition – we’ve got the edge you need to succeed. Price Davis offers you a one-on-one buying experience, like no one else can. We understand that it takes a personalized approach to turn your food truck conception into reality! We offer a wide range of equipment and close to 40 years of experience to fulfill any demand your mobile food business endeavor could encounter.

7. Cafeterias

Cafeterias play a large, vital role in our current society; so many people chose to eat outside their homes because of the convenience and sustainability it offers. We work to provide equipment, products, and other resources to fit your needs and challenges in the food service industry. We want to help you increase your profitability, produce consistent quality food, and grow as a company!

8. Gift Shops

Grab and go or meet and eat. No matter. The bottom line is that you’ve got hungry customers that you need to feed. They want good food fast, so they can get on with their busy day.

9. Concession Stands

Concession stands produce a lot of low cost, high margin foods to serve patrons of ball parks, movie theaters, bowling alleys, fairs and other entertainment venues, all within a compact footprint. Delivering quality foods at the right time can make the difference in a good patron experience and a bad one. Our personalized approach allows us to understand the nature of your concession business and allows us to craft equipment solutions tailored to your business to improve efficiencies, profitability and a positive patron experience.

10. Bowling Alleys

Entertainment facilities count on Kreiser to be their trusted partner for kitchen equipment, supplies and design services. From full restaurants to concession stands and refreshment carts, we can help you optimize your service. With proven experience high-volume kitchens to capability small 1 or 2 piece equipment and foodservice solutions that help you keep fans and patrons happy.

11. Hotels

Hospitality, hotels and resorts are much more than food, bed and lodging. It’s the details that make the difference. It’s dining that makes your guests feel nourished and taken care of. It’s simple touches like a hot cup of filtered coffee and muffin to grab and go in the morning. It’s the endless planning that goes into preparing a formal banquet. We will take care of your equipment needs so that you can focus on what matters most—your guest

12. Nursing Homes

The local Nursing Home is a place where our families go in their older years. What goes on behind the walls is pivotal to that experience being an enjoyable one for your Families. From the food you choose to serve to the refrigeration used to keep your selection of food and beverages cold to even the deep fryer or holding cabinets used to keep you food warm…you’ll find it here!