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Thomas J. Pepka, Executive Chef

Oakmont Country Club

You and your staff at Kreiser Distributing are absolute professionals.  Jeff and Rick couldn’t have been more helpful in explaining the equipment, training on the equipment, and their follow up on supplies and questions were unsurpassed in our business. 

Through your efforts and knowledge, the membership at Oakmont will truly enrich their dining experience at their club.  I look forward to doing business again with Kreiser Distributing in the very near future. 

Steven Kensinger

Gulfstream Café

I am writing this letter to let you know just how pleased I am with your company.  From the service technicians to the equipment in general.  All of our needs have been met with complete satisfaction.  Your technicians showed great knowledge of the machines, and you have been there all the way from day the equipment arrived to the day the equipment was put into service with us. 

The training representatives have been very helpful in showing all of my kitchen staff in the proper operations of the machines. My staff now feels very comforting in all the day to day operations of the equipment.  It is the kind of service that we here at Gulfstream Café try to give to our patrons every day.  And I can see that your company lives by the same motto. 

Rae Wright Feracioly

Cal’s General Store

D-Carbonator has helped us improve kitchen and resource efficiency, while eliminating carbon build up as well as fats, oil, and grease. D-Carbonator, along with Kreiser Distributing Company, has helped reduce labor, energy, water and chemicals associated with cleaning pots, pans and other kitchen equipment.  We are more than satisfied with excellent results obtained from this fine piece of equipment and the service from Kreiser Distributing Company. 

David Shapira CEO & Chairman and Ray Burgo President & COO

The rains and subsequent flooding that occurred on September 17th was an occurrence that Pittsburgh may not experience for another 100 years.  The powerful forces of Mother Nature completely destroyed many homes and businesses in the Pittsburgh area.  Included in this devastation was our Giant Eagle store in the Green Garden Shopping Plaza Which was engulfed in eight feet of water in a period of twenty-four hours.  When the flood water receded, our newly remodeled store was totally destroyed. 

On behalf of our entire Giant Eagle Team; our independent retailer, and especially our customers; we both express our sincere gratitude for your efforts, the reopening of our store took place on December 16th, amazingly only 90 days after the flood. It is people like you, with your compassion and commitment that have helped Giant Eagle to serve as an integral part of the Pittsburgh community. 

We could not have done it without you. 

Thomas J. Weir, Jr.

President T-Bones, Inc.

I am writing to thank you for introducing T-Bones to the Combi Ovens.  As you know, we have been expanding our prepared and hot foods offering over the years and increasing capacity and efficiency in those products line has been a challenge.  Our 15-year experience with Henny Penny through Kreiser Distributing has been very helpful in growing our business.  The Combi Oven has allowed us to continue our growth both by increasing our efficiency and ultimately producing a better more consistent product.  As you know, I was hesitant to replace our existing stove and oven capacity, but I can honestly say the Combi Oven has more than compensated for the reduction.  Our staff is constantly finding new applications for the oven and is thoroughly satisfied with the ease of operation and clean up.  I would say that the Combi Oven has exceeded our expectations and has proven to be an invaluable piece of equipment in only a few short months.  I would highly recommend both your equipment and your service to anyone looking to move their business forward in the most cost-effective way.  I wish you continued success now and in the future. 

Elisa M. Carnahan

Eat’n Park Hospitality Group

Thank You for your troubleshooting help yesterday at Erie.  And for all the other stores you’ve called for me in the past to talk out an issue!  I really appreciate you doing that for my stores. You are the Best. 


Dan T. Cathy

President and Ceo Chick-Fil-A

It doesn't really make any difference what they make. We know if it comes from Henny Penny it's going to be battle-ready and ready to go to work...and it's going to be there for a long time to come. I know, because at Chick-fil-A, we've been doing business with the Henny Penny Corporation for more than 40 years.



Kreiser Distributing Inc was Henny Penny’s only Distributor to receive this distinguished award for 2018.
This award was given for “OVERALL SERVICE EXCELLENCE”.

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