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Henny Penny

Pressure Fryers, Open Fryers, Rotisseries, Smart Combi Ovens, Blast Chillers, Bun Warmers, Holding Cabinets, Breading Machines, Display Counter Food Warmers, Hot Foods Display Merchandisers

Product Line

“At Henny Penny, we ask a simple question: Would you rather configure a product with costly add-ons — or choose a product built with you in mind? We believe the latter is true, so our goal is to make the decision-making process straightforward by offering the highest quality products available — all carefully designed and engineered for operators like you. That means identifying the features you need most, then building them into our products as standard.

It’s this solutions-driven focus that’s helped us grow our loyal customer base through the years — and it’s why all of our customers can rest assured that every product comes with the features and capabilities to make any operation a success.”

Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc

Pressure Fryers

Designed to allow faster cooking at lower temperatures, Henny Penny’s pressure fryers are perfect for sealing in moisture and natural flavor.

Choose HP Pressure Fryers when you need to cook items like bone-in fried chicken, as well as pork, fish, potato wedges and more.

  • Velocity Series
  • PFE 500 / PFG 600
  • PFE 591 / PFG 691
Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc

Open Fryers

Our open fryers are engineered to be a truly universal platform, ensuring that customer favorites turn out crisp and delicious every time.

Choose HP Open Fryers when you need to cook a variety of items, from fries to chicken.

  • The Evolution Elite
  • 320 Series
  • 340 Series
  • OFE 291 / OFG 391
Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc

Breading Systems

Our specially designed hand breader/sifter acts as a self-contained, portable station that allows employees to quickly dip, bread, sift and stack food by hand, even in a small space.

  • Breading and Breading Systems
Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc

Combi Ovens

Combi ovens are an excellent choice for high-volume kitchens where menu choices are varied, but space is always a premium. By combining the ability to do multiple types of cooking in one unit, you can better utilize valuable floor space by eliminating the need to have multiple pieces of hardware. All in all, this kitchen essential gives you the flexibility to accomplish several tasks at once.

  • FlexFusion Platinum Series
  • FlexFusion Gold Series
Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc


Everyone loves the sights, smells and sounds of rotisserie cooking. But Henny Penny rotisseries do something no other rotisserie can do: turn out that slow-roasted, self-basting rotisserie quality faster. A patented process called THERMA-VEC adds gentle cross-flow convection to radiant heat for thorough, even cooking throughout the machine in less time than other rotisseries.

  • Rotisseries
Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc


Foodservice operators know that one of their most valuable resources is time — and any solution that helps free up employees to manage peak periods is priceless in a busy kitchen. That’s the true benefit of having reliable holding equipment that keeps food ready to serve until it’s needed, giving employees the ability to prepare food ahead of time in anticipation of the coming rush.

  • SmartHold
  • Heated Holding
  • Countertop/Modular Holding

Cook Shack

Smart smoking with Cookshack Authentic Pit-Style Barbecue and Smoked Foods without the Traditional Pit-Style Work

Fast Eddy's

Fast Eddys

Fast Eddy's by Cookshack is a 100% Wood Burning, Pellet Fired Grill In One


Perfect Fry

Ventless / Hoodless / Automatic Countertop Deep Fryers, Countertop Merchandiser Built-in Fire System


Commercial Food Service Water Filtration & Treatment Systems for Coffee / Espresso, Fountain / Drinking Water, Ice Machines,
Steamers, Combi Ovens / Warewashing



Our mission is to provide both the food service industry as well as individuals the means to produce high quality still or sparkling water while having ZERO impact on the environment


Citrus Juice extractor will offer: optimum product hygiene, high product safety, highest juice purity, (with the SCS-System). Citrocasa meets all requirement to promote healthy lifestyle


Product Line

The 2-Zone-Technology enables the complete separation of Engine Zone and Food Zone at the machine. We fulfill all health, safety and hygiene regulations in the food and fresh food industries worldwide. All parts that come in contact with the juice, and are therefore the most affected by hygiene regulations, can be cleaned in the dishwasher, ensuring increased hygiene (germ-free), safety, and a huge saving in time.

Innovations like our Cross Holder and Double Cover are exclusive to CITROCASA and cannot be found in any other juicer around the world. These unique features will help save you time during the cleaning process and help to avoid any technical problems due to incorrect assembly. Our machines are designed to ensure that the operation and assembly are as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible.

Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc


The slimmest commercial citrus juicer: just over 9 inches wide. The most powerful in its class: 20 fruit per minute. Revolutionary.

  • Revolution
Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc

8000 Advance Series

With juice tank for filling convenience and efficiency. The ideal citrus juicer for staff-operated juicing.

  • 8000 XB Advance
  • 8000 SB Advance
Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc

Fantastic Advance Series

The ideal citrus juicer for small spaces and on-demand juicing. Great for cafes, bars, breakfast buffets, fitness centers, etc.

  • Fantastic M/SB
  • Fantastic M/AS Advance
  • Fantastic F/SB Advance


  • Ice and Beverage
  • Dispensing Systems
  • Flavor Magic Drink Enhancement System


is the next generation Heated Soak Tank used in Commercial Kitchens and Bakeries to clean Carbon Build up and F.O.G. (Fats, Oils & Grease) from equipment including aluminum baking pans, hood filters, baking racks, floor mats and more

Manitowoc Ice Machines


Countertop and Floor Model Dispensers, Bins, Ice Baggers, Water Filter Systems, Reach-in Refrigerator/Freezers / Glass Door Merchandisers


Engineered from the ground up to be a durable low cost basic featured ice machine

Kool-aire Ice Machines