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Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc

Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc Quality Foodservice Products

Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc is a nationally recognized foodservice equipment distributor specializing in representing manufactured products for food service, supermarkets and convenience stores. We assist in the development of food service concepts including service and parts.

High Quality Products

Our wide array of foodservice concepts are of high-quality. With a focus on streamlining manufacturing processes in supermarkets, we provide continuous customer service. We also create products for restaurants, bars, and taverns.

Assortment of Products

At Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc, our expert team finds the right solutions that match your needs. Our goal is to maximize your return on investment. In addition to our complete line of new equipment products, we also offer previously owned equipment, supported by our customer services.

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Recognized Manufacturers

Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc is a specialty foodservice equipment distributor for the preparation and merchandising of hot foods to both the foodservice and retail markets.

We are experts in frying, combi-ovens, retail food service, and food merchandising. We continually apply our experience to help make our customers’ foodservice operations more efficient and effective.

Our Team

Kreiser Distributing Company, Inc was founded in 1976 as one of the finest, most reputable, and respected companies in the foodservice industry.

For the past 40 years, we have served Western Pennsylvania, providing the highest quality equipment to the foodservice industry. Our mission is always to do what’s right. It serves as a promise to our thousands of customers. We support customers with our expertise and experience.

Demo/Test Kitchen

Our fully equipped demo kitchen facility is available for small or large demonstrations or learning seminars. Here is your “NO COST” opportunity to see some of the newer concepts in the Food Service Industry. Sample the foods and see how some of these ideas might increase your business and profits. REFUSE to participate in a “Recession”. Perhaps one small idea may be all that it takes to make you MORE PROFITABLE! This will be a casual day geared to sharing those ideas!

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